Volunteer Training Workshop


This upcoming Friday, July 17th, we are hosting our first Volunteer Training Workshop from 6pm-8pm. Refreshments will be served during this time. Those interested in volunteering can meet us in the Library Room at the old Edgewood School. Our address is 710 Indiana Street, Edgewood, IL.

We are a grassroots library which counts solely on donations and volunteers at this time and we have a vision of the future in which we can really enable our communities to achieve great things. We need trained volunteers to help cover library hours, run our software, categorize books, cover books, tutor children this fall, and so much more.

Your skills are needed.

The following is a list of services we would like to provide our community with this fall and in the future, in addition to keeping regular library hours:

*Tutoring for children after school

* GED completion programs

* Computer Literacy

* Mentoring

* Bring in local groups, leaders, authors, and more to offer workshops, etc.

We are open to your ideas and suggestions as well. We are a action-based and community oriented library.

For any questions, please leave a comment here, email us at wmecommunityworks@gmail.com or call Tonia Harris at 618-238-9213


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